Anglada-Escudé, Guillem

Institute of Space Sciences/CSIC, Spain. Apart from my work on extra-solar planets, I am interested in high-level architectural design of an off-world settlement with the short term goal of organising a multidisciplinary effort to build a sustainable and self-replicable demonstrator on Earth. Next time we set foot on another world, we do it sustainably.

Lavagna, Prof. Michele

Politecnico di Milano, Italy. I’m leading the ASTRA group, who is involved in many space exploration and system engineering researchers. Of particular interest are the field of ISRU from the processes and the technology development perspective, the Artificial Intelligence techniques exploitation for on-board autonomy and system\mission robustness increase, the cubesats-like systems implementation, the implementation of ground-based facilities\infrastructures for space exploration TRL increase.

Sanchez Cuartielles, Joan-Pau

Space Group at University of Cranfield, United Kingdom. My research interests, and expertise, focuses on Mission Analysis, including its full synergies with space system engineering. Most of my recent work addresses issues with regards the trajectory design and navigation capabilities of near and mid-term space missions. Moreover, I am also interested in visionary concepts and macro-engineering space projects for future space ventures. This includes past work on asteroid mining, space based geo-engineering and terraforming.

Berthoud, Prof. Lucy

University of Bristol, Department of Areospace Engineering, United Kingdom. As a space systems engineer, I have worked on spacecraft missions to Mars, Mars sample return missions and high containment buildings for housing Mars samples on Earth. I have given a TEDx talk on Life on Mars and do research on sustainable technologies for Martian habitats.

Hughes Pearce, Owen

PEARCE+ / Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom. I am a director of Pearce+ and a design tutor at the Oxford School of Architecture. My work is always at the fringes of the profession, either by investigating extreme architectural environments in Antarctica and on Mars or through non-physical, digital architectural possibilities. I am a design tutor at Oxford Brookes University with projects focusing on generational issues, hyper technology, future cities, social cohesion in high-rise housing, communication networks and issues on generation Z/Y/Z. The latest research project focuses on improving social cohesion and reducing loneliness in high-density housing on Earth and Mars.

Hartlieb, Philipp

Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austria. My major area of research is excavation and fragmentation of rocks (on earth). I am interested in applying these techniques and principles to extra-terrestrial resources, where processes differ significantly due to lack of gravitation and atmosphere. Off-world settlements can only be sustainable if they can produce their own resources.

Cullen, Prof. David

Space Group at University of Cranfield, United Kingdom. Given my biochemistry and biotechnology background, my current interests include the application of biotechnology to all aspects of activities beyond the confines of the Earth. This started with a leadership involvement with the Life Marker Chip instrument selected for the original ESA ExoMars instrument payload and now involves activities and interests ranging from CubeSat and bio-CubeSat payloads for bioscience and ISRU demonstration.

Detrell, Gisela

Institute of Space Systems/University of Stuttgart, Germany. I am interested in general on how to maintain humans alive in space as independent as possible from Earth resources, shall it be in a space station around the Earth, in the Moon or Mars, or wherever the future might bring us. My current research is focused on the use of biological systems – microalgae – which are a potential good candidate for future human missions. Our algae have been so far to the ISS, we hope send them beyond that!

Muñoz, Alfredo

ABIBOO Studio, Founder. USA/ Spain/ India. At a young age, I fostered my creativity and leadership skills while performing executive roles in Japan for Toyo Ito and in the United States at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. Since I founded ABIBOO Studio in 2010, I have worked across five continents in architecture, urban planning, and interior projects, and have won a diversity of international awards. Architecture and Astrophysics have been my two foremost passions since childhood, and working with SONet has brought them together.

Sureda, Miquel

Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Aerospace Section, Spain. I coordinate the Master’s Degree in Space and Aeronautical Engineering at UPC. My research is focused on CubeSat mission design, Very Low Earth Orbit applications for Earth Observation and Moon/Mars mission architecture. I see SONet as a sci-fi portal to help build the future!