Del Campo Gatell, Vanessa

Vrije Universiteit Brussel / RITCS. I am a doctor in aerospace enginnering and worker for 10 years at the ESEIAAT/UPC. I specialised in experimental aerodynamics. Eight years ago I stated studying cinema direction and in 2018 carried out a Master in Audiovisual Arts at LUCA School of Arts, in Brussels. Nowadays, I am starting a PhD in cinema, at the VUB (Belgium) and I am interested in female voices and scientific narratives. Moreover, I recently got a grant from VAF (Flemish Audiovisual Fonds) to develop an essay film that, among other things, reflects upon our exploration of the Moon.

Trigo-Rodríguez, Josep M.

 Institute of Space Sciences (CSIC-IEEC), Spain. Apart from my work on meteorites and their solar system parent bodies, I am interested in the physico-chemical properties of rock-forming minerals to keep learning on their direct application for In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU), particularly in the future design of sustainable settlements in extraterrestrial environments.

Florido, Verónica

ABIBOO Studio, USA/ Spain/ India/ United Kingdom. I am interested in finding new functional ways to inhabit spaces with new sustainable building technologies and materials. My experience is focused on architectural design in residential building typology, urban planning, and graphic design. There are new ways of living on Earth that seem to follow the premise “The only permanent thing is change.” Architects have understood that cities are collapsed, that materials have to be permanently renewed, and have realized that there are factors such as climate change and sustainability that need to be taken into account when designing. We have the opportunity to start from 0 in an off-world settlement, trying to optimize the common architectural problems we face on Earth.

Lucero, Jesus

University of Cranfield, United Kingdom. I’m a Spanish aerospace engineer with an MSc. in Astronautics and Space Engineering from Cranfield University. I have a background in remote sensing and Earth observation, technology and knowledge which can be applied to monitor further worlds too in interplanetary remote sensing. I also have experience in deep space missions such as designing a sustainable settlement on Mars. Apart from that I love astronomy and have some experience on it.

Rodriguez, Sebastian

ABIBOO Studio USA/ Spain/ India/ Argentina. I am an architectural designer at ABIBOO Studio focusing on competitions and high-impact projects. I also work on my own studio, Scenit Arquitectura, where I seek innovation in design methods, teaching new workflows and tools, and discussing architecture paradigms through open talks at different universities. My experience is focused on developing projects using Raytrace technology actively in the design process and producing cinematic videos for those designs. Any place in space that humanity can go will need this combination of technology and art that we call architecture.

Anglada-Escudé, Guillem

Institute of Space Sciences/CSIC, Spain. Apart from my work on extra-solar planets, I am interested in high-level architectural design of an off-world settlement with the short term goal of organising a multidisciplinary effort to build a sustainable and self-replicable demonstrator on Earth. Next time we set foot on another world, we do it sustainably.

Rojas, Gonzalo

ABIBOO Studio USA/ Spain/ India/ Argentina. I am an architectural designer at ABIBOO Studio, focused on innovating architecture, urban environments, and interior spaces through the creation of holistic sensory experiences.
I also work in my own studio Scenit Arquitectura, where we experiment with new methods of projecting architecture, using Raytrace technology, thus achieving a close link between the visualization and the project.
With SONet, I have been able to apply my knowledge in a new challenge: life off-planet earth.

Soria, Manel

Departament de Fisica, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain. My research work has been oriented to the numerical modelling of fluid dynamics phenomena (planetary atmospheres, aeroacoustics, heat transfer, aerodynamics) along two complementary lines: 1-Development of algorithms and simulation codes for LES /DNS with parallel computers; 2-Application of high performance CFD codes to science and engineering problems.

Myhill, Robert

University of Bristol, School of Earth Sciences, United Kingdom. I am currently a member of NASA’s InSight Science Team, investigating the geophysical properties of Mars. I am interested in the insights provided by geophysics and geological sciences into off-world investigation, habitability and resource development.

Montón, Marius

Institut d’Estudis Espacials de Catalunya (IEEC), Spain. I have a PhD in Computer Science by the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) and Masters in Microelectronics and Electronic Systems and Computer Engineer degree from the same university. I’m co-founder at IoT Partners, engineering and consultancy focused on Internet of Things. Currently working as Head of Space Embedded & HW/SW development group at Institut d’Estudis Espacials de Catalunya (IEEC). I also works as associate professor at the UAB. Previously I was working as Head of Innovation in WorldSensing, involved in many EU projects (FP7 & H2020). Before that, I worked as Firmware engineer in the same company. I worked several years as engineer at Cephis-UAB. By this time, I was working as consultant for GreenSocs developing TLM-2.0 based solutions for ESL businesses.